Techscience Polymer

Polymer Testing Instruments & Systems, Medical Tubing lines, BioDynamic Systems, Electoforce Load frames, Stent/Graft Testers.

  • Single Screw, Twin Screw Extruder.

    Multi Layer Blown Film Lines.

    Multi Layer Cast Film Lines

    Pressure Filter Test System.

    Pipe Extrusion System.

    Hydraulic Press.

    Two Roll Mills.

    Calendaring Systems.

    Multi Functional Extrusion System.

    Medical Tubing Lines for Catheters.

    Blown Film Quenching line for IV Fluid / Blood Bags.

    Ceramic Extruder.

  • ElectroForce® Fatigue and Durability Tester.

    Tension / Compression Tester.

    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

    Cardiovascular Instruments.

    Dental Wear Instruments.

    Stent/Graft Testers (SGT).

    Environmental Chambers.

    Load Frame Systems.

    Test Bench and Planar Biaxial Systems.

    Bio Dynamic® Instruments.

    Customized Products.

  • Notching Machine.

    Pneumatic Punching Machine.

    Impact Tester.

    Free falling Dart, TR - Tester.

    De Mattia Apparatus.

    Slip Tester, Abrasion - Meter.

    Gas Permeability Tester.

    Hardness Tester, HDT - VICAT.

    Thermostatic Cells.

    Flammability Tester.

    Glow Wire Tester, Carbon Black.

    Density Gradient Column Apparatus

    Extrusion Plastometer. (M.F.I).

    Automatic Extrusion Plastometer.

    Climatic and Humidostatic Cells.

    Cold Air Cryostatic Cells.

    Brittleness Temperature.

    Oxygen Index Apparatus.

    Tracking Index Apparatus.

    Dielectric Rigidity Apparatus.

    Ozone Test Cabinet, Ageing Tester.


  • Sample & Component Testing.

    Test Sample Preparation.

    Raw Material Evaluation.


    Coefficient of Friction on Surfaces.

    Cold Flex Temperature.

    Environmental Stress Cracking.

    Falling Dart Impact Tester.

    Falling Weight Impact Tester.

    HDT/Vicat - 2/4/6 Station Apparatus.

    Hardness Testing of Polymer Materials.

    Low Temperature Brittleness Apparatus.

    Pendulum Impact Tester.

    Puncture Impact Testing - Thin Materials.

    Special Test Rig.

    Universal Tensile Tester - External PC / Integrated PC.

    Cutting Press - Manual / Pneumatic.

    CNC Milling Machine.

    Small Injection Moulding Machine.

    Test Sample Notching Cutter.

    Melt Flow Tester with Techni-Test software.

    Bulk Density Apparent.

    Density Gradient Column.

    Melt Flow Indexer / Tester.

  • Hot Tack Tester.


Dr.Collins. GMBH., Germany

Single Screw, Twin Screw Extruder, Multi Layer Blown Film Lines, Multi Layer Cast Film Lines, Pressure Filter Test System, Pipe Extrusion System, Hydraulic Press, Two Roll Mills, Calendaring Systems, Multi Functional Extrusion System, Medical Tubing Lines for Catheters, Blown Film Quenching line for IV Fluid / Blood Bags, Ceramic Extruder.


Dynatek Labs.

Stent Tester
Stent and Vascular Prosthesis Tester
Coating Durability Tester
Heart Valve Testers
Ventricular Assist Device Testing
Silicone Mock Vessels


Noselab ATS s.r.l – Italy

Notching Machine, Pneumatic Punching Machine, Impact Tester, Free falling Dart, TR - Tester, De Mattia Apparatus, Slip Tester, Abrasion - Meter, Gas Permeability Tester, Hardness Tester, HDT - VICAT, Thermostatic Cells, Climatic and Humidostatic Cells, Cold Air Cryostatic Cells, Brittleness Temperature, Density Gradient Column Apparatus, Extrusion Plastometer. (M.F.I), Flammability Tester, Glow Wire Tester, Carbon Black, Oxygen Index Apparatu, Tracking Index Apparatus, Dielectric Rigidity Apparatus, Ozone Test Cabinet, Ageing Tester ESCR.


Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd – UK Test Equipment Ltd – UK

Sample & Component Testing, Test Sample Preparation, Raw Material Evaluation, Cutters. Coefficient of Friction on Surfaces, Cold Flex Temperature, Brittleness Apparatus, Pendulum Impact Tester, Environmental Stress Cracking, Falling Dart Impact Tester, Falling Weight Impact Tester, HDT/Vicat - 2/4/6 Station Apparatus, Hardness Testing of Polymer Materials, Low Temperature, Puncture Impact Testing - Thin Materials, Special Test Rig, Universal Tensile Tester - External PC / Integrated PC, Cutting Press - Manual / Pneumatic, CNC Milling Machine, Small Injection Moulding Machine, Test Sample Notching Cutter, Melt Flow Tester with Techni-Test software, Bulk Density Apparent, Density Gradient Column, Melt Flow Indexer / Tester.